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General Use Respirators

A respiratory mask should be a comfortable piece of fabric that covers the nose and mouth and provides physical protection against the harmful contaminants in the air.

Using an appropriate mask is essential to protect your lung from dust, fumes, vapors, and toxic substances in air and prevent respiratory diseases.

A  respirator should be used in polluted environments or contaminated places such as hospitals.


Why using a respirator is important?


Indoor environment airborne particles consist of PM2.5 and PM10 particles may cause respiratory problems in the long term. This problem because more serious in a polluted industrial workplace since it is usually filled with smaller particles or more harmful substances.

According to the world health organization, more than 339 million people had Asthma globally in 2016.

Employers should provide a healthy, clean environment for better protection of workers. Especially when someone is constantly exposed to harmful chemicals and fine particles, there is a great risk of respiratory diseases. The pollutants are usually very small in size (less than 10 micrometers) and invisible to the naked eye. Dust masks and suitable respirators must be used in these environments to prevent further problems.


How long can Nano Pak masks be used?


a respirator is a disposable device and should be properly disposed of after use.

Reusing a respirator may be possible depending on the time of usage and the level of pollution.

For example, according to different studies, you can use N95 and N99 masks continuously for 8 hours and if using non-continuously the mask can be functioning the same after a one or two weeks.


Why silica particles can be harmful?

Silica powder, a common mineral found in many types of soil and rock, has several applications in various industries. However, breathing tiny bits of silica may lead to severe lung problems such as silicosis. Silica particles can easily enter the respiratory tract and cause health problems. Therefore, working in industries that are somehow related to this material can be a major risk. Inhaling silica particles annually threatens the lives of more than a million workers. In the worst cases, silicosis disease can lead to disability and even death.

Silica enters the lungs through the respiratory system and causes scar tissues which make breathing very difficult. Currently, there is no cure for silicosis.

Workers must be provided with appropriate respirators to protect themselves from these harmful substances.

ماسک تنفسی ؛ خرید ماسک تنفسی فیلتر دار


Classification of dust masksFilter typeEfficiency
N series (non-greasy particles)N9595%
R Series (oil resistant particles)R9595%
Series P (oil insulating particles)P9595%

Who should use a respirator?

Types of respiratory masks

N95 mask

The N95 mask was designed to provide respiratory protection. These masks provide high efficiency filtration against 0.3 microns particles and larger .

When using an N95 mask you should pay attention to its standard licenses from a certified health agency.

N99 mask

An N99 mask can easily filter up to 99% of air pollutants.

Similar to an N95 mask, it cannot filter oil contaminants. But they provide higher filtration efficiency rates in comparison to N95 respirators.