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Nano Mask Site Terms and Conditions

Each community needs to be codified and specific laws and regulations which must be determined based on the limits and responsibilities of the people present in that society. These rules will make it possible to determine when any dispute is referred to as potential violations and responsibility of the people. Virtual communities, including social networks,… This rule is no exception.

All users who intend to join and purchase from the site of Nano Tar Pak, must study the provisions of this agreement and then attempt to join or purchase from the site.

Membership of the site or purchase of it constitutes a study and acceptance of the terms of purchase and membership and the relevant laws and regulations.


The Nano Pak company in the current conditions, with all the power to meet the needs of the people who are more at risk of disease (dear staff of hospitals and treatment staff). But for عزیزانی access, for whatever reason, a serious need to provide a mask is a limited number of NANOPAC masks sold online.

We are proud to be trusted and thank you for your mutual understanding.

The possibility of ordering for each mailing address is 1 pack of 5 digits of adult mask and sent by mail one day after the order is recorded.

Paragraph 1

People in the site must refer to the membership section. At this point, by entering the necessary information, such as your first name, password and e-mail address, the membership confirmation link will be sent to them that users are confirming the membership process by clicking it. It is also possible to purchase without membership.

Note 1
The user has to retain its username and password, and if it forgets it, it can be used to re-register and obtain a new password.

Note 2
user must declare their email address with other requested information correctly and the responsibility for registration is wrong or contrary to the user’s responsibility.

Paragraph 2

The purchase process of the site by the user is as follows:

Part 1: visiting the goods provided on the site

Part Two: paying a certain amount (or applying for a discount coupon) online by the buyer

Part III: sending receipt of goods purchased in email or SMS form to email address or user’s mobile phone number by Nano mask

Part Four: sending goods by Nano mask with courier or post

Note 1
If the buyer with a false identity, including the name, last name and… To buy and determine the subject, the Nano mask has the right to cancel the order.

Note 2
registered orders will be sent from Saturday to Wednesday until 11:00 a.m. on the same day and other orders on the first working day after the purchase.

Paragraph 3

Disruption of the Internet service or any event that causes the email containing the purchase code from the Nano mask to the user does not cause the user to go away.

Paragraph 4

The user should not leave statements on the site or act as a violation of the rights of other persons or to pursue a criminal act. If any user does not comply with this article, they will be immediately dismissed from the site and if they have made a purchase, the deposit is not refunded. Also, a user (member) loses the right to use this site.